You must have already placed an order
1. Seller agrees to deliver the above items or similar items to Customer upon Customer’s completion of the full payment shown above. The items will be segregated from merchandise on sale.
2. A minimum deposit of ten percent (10%) is required to start the layaway. A deposit check that is returned or a credit card payment that is reverse/cancelled for any reason will nullify this agreement.
3. Customer will get a receipt for each payment made. Customer is responsible to keep a record of all receipts until full payment is made.
4. All layaway payment must be completed within sixty (60) days.
5. No cancellation is allowed once layaway is started.
6. No partial pickup or partial cancellations will be permitted under this agreement.
7. No restriction on number of payments made as long as full payment is made by due date.
8. Returns are not accepted on layaway orders.
9. If all payments are not made by the due date customer agrees to cancel the layaway and pay a restocking fee of thirty percent (30)% . Any balance available after restocking fee is deducted will be available to customer as ACCOUNT CREDIT ONLY for a period of thirty (30) days. If after thirty (30) days store credit is not redeem customers agrees to forfeit any store credit.
10. All deposits are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUND OF ANY DEPOSIT.
11. By agreeing to these terms I acknowledge that I am entering into a binding contract between myself and the seller on