GoCash $10 Game Card


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Only 1 left in stock

Why GoCash Game Card?

It’s Very Easy

Easy access to top-rated free-to-play games
No ID/PWD required to purchase gaming money with GoCash Game Card

It’s Very Secure
No online transaction fraud
Keep your personal information safe

Have Fun And Win
Join GoCash events and win prizes
All events are free for GoCash members. JOIN TODAY


Join GoCash Mini Games to boost up your GoPoint!
Transfer GoPoints into GoCash Game Cards
GoPoints can only be earned via online purchase or mini games.

Why make a GoCash account?

By making an account with GoCash Game Card, you will be able to
1. Earn GoPoints on your redemptions!
2. Track redemption history on your profile page!
3. Enjoy special events & promotions with GoCash!
4. Have a chance to become a Gold Member!

Why wait? Sign-up today. It’s completely free.

How to redeem PIN?

Specific instructions can be found in the game info of our homepage. Basically, you select the game you’d like to play. Go to the payment page, and select “GoCash Game Card” as your payment option and then follow the instructions provided.

Will my card expire?

Your GoCash Game Card must be redeemed within one year from the date of activation (the date you purchased your GoCash Game Card from the retailer).

Can I split the value of a card?

No. If you have a GoCash Game Card, you may only redeem the whole amount at once. You may not split the value of the card among different game portals. For example, if you bought a $10 GoCash Game card, you can only redeem it for the whole $10. You cannot redeem $5 in one game portal, and then $5 in a different game portal.

Gold Members have the benefit of being able to split the value of their cards as much as they want.

Earn GoPoints, Get Free Prizes.

Gather GoPoints by logging in before redeeming any of your GoCash Game Cards.
Trade in your GoPoints for different prizes. Receive Double GoPoints if you use your Membership Card!

What are GoPoints useful for?

GoPoints are useful for many things. You can gather enough GoPoints to become a Gold Member, accumulate enough to redeem cool gift rewards, or use them to participate in mini-game tournaments!

How do I earn GoPoints?

You will need an account with GoCash Game Card. In order to earn GoPoints, you will need to log-in before you redeem your GoCash Game Card. GoPoints will be awarded only if you log-in before you redeem your card.

You may also earn GoPoints by participating in mini-game tournaments that will be held periodically.

What are the benefits of GoCash membership?

Regular Member

•50 GoPoints per dollar redeemed
•Coupons for exclusive offers
•Minigame tournament for prizes

Gold Member

•Receive a Membership Card – Get Double GoPoints!
•Get in Gold Member only events
•User coupons for Gold Members only
•Redeem your GoPoints for Gift Reward

Membership card Member

•Double GoPoints per redemption (Get prizes faster!)
•Redeem your GoPoints for Gift Reward
•Partial redemption (Redeem any amount!)

What is the GoCash Membership Card?

The Membership Card is a special rechargeable GoCash Game Card which you can use to redeem at all of your favorite games!

Once you become a Gold Member, you will be able to request one of these plastic cards to be mailed to you.

Benefits include:
•Double GoPoints per redemption (Get prizes faster!)
•Partial redemption (Redeem any amount!)
*Only available in USA and Canada.

How to get the Membership card?

1.Gather 5000 GoPoints and become a Gold Member.
2.Gather 1000 more GoPoints (only a $10 redemption!) and click on & Get Rechargeable GoCash Card on your profile page.
3.Follow the instructions
4.Wait for your card in the mail!

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