Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer with Bluetooth


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  • Bluetooth distance: 10M
  • Easy to operate
  • Fold Size: 7.48 inches
  • Stretchable Size: 13.7-33 inches
  • Horizontal & Vertical Shooting Mode

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Estimated delivery by: 02/12/2023

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Product Description

Adofys Single Axis Gimbal

If you want to catch the best moment of your life with your families, friends, Adofys Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is your best choice. It let you record every moment your want to remember easily. An essential item to take on your holidays or days out. This stabilizer works well with almost all the popular smartphones that run on iOS or Android. Simply turn on Bluetooth, search, and pair, and you’re good to go.

Important Warm Tips about Gimbal Stabilizer:

  1. Please charge the Gimbal before use, especially when the indicator light turns red(We can’t fully charge the stabilizer because it will be dangerous to transport).
  2. Please be sure to place the cell phone in the centre of the holder to maintain the best balance.
  3. Please change the battery if the wireless remote is not working.
  4. The Bluetooth remote is inserted into the surface of the device. You can take it out by holding the bottom of it with your thumb and pushing upward. Insert the Bluetooth remote back after each use to avoid accidental loss.
  5. Please do not use cell phones with thick phone cases(better within thickness 0.5 inches) or irregularly shaped cases.
  6. Please don’t lock the locking key when using the Gimbal Mode, otherwise, the motor may be burned out.


3 In 1 Design

How to Change Mode:

First of all, you need to know the function of the buttons on the device.

There is a Mode Change Button behind the clip head and an Intelligent Button beside the clip head.

Gimbal Mode:

  1. When you need to use the Gimbal mode, you need to unlock the mode change button first.
  2. And long press the intelligent button, when the light turns green, the Gimbal Mode is active.
  3. And then you just need to short press the intelligent button to change the position you want.


Selfie Stick Mode:

  1. When you need to use the Selfie Stick Mode, you need to make sure that the Gimbal Mode is off.
  2. If the light is green, you need to long-press the intelligent button to turn off the Gimbal Mode. If the light is dark, it means the Gimbal Mode is already off.
  3. And then put the clip head to the position you want and lock the mode change button to fix the position.



Materials ABS+Aluminium Alloy
Color Black
Folded Size 7.5 inches
Stretchable Size 13.7 – 34.4 inches
Rotation Angle 360°
Battery Type 3V CR1632 Lithium Battery
Charging Type USB
Control Distance 32 ft (10M)
Bar Sections 5

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